Joplins is pleased to announce the launch on Kickstarter for our new eyewear called The Shivas. The best all-season, all-weather Ultra Resistant Eco Sunglasses.

Eco-friendly, sustainable, lightweight eyewear

[San Francisco, California, United States, May 2022---] Joplins is pleased to announce the launch of our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for our new eyewear called The Shivas. Joplins started in 2016 with the ambitious goal of making eyewear eco-friendly and transforming this dirty industry. We wanted to produce a top notch pair of sunglasses with unseen quality by opting for alternatives to the regular materials currently being used by other eyewear brands. Making sure they were not only durable and fashionable but also lightweight, resistant, and environment-friendly. This gave birth to Shivas. The shiva is the perfect pair of sunglasses that fits any and every occasion, season and weather. This is the solution for everyone that wants to be environmentally friendly without having to compromise their style or stretch their pocket.

Shiva offers a lot of remarkable functionality and benefits including:

  • Impact Absorbing - Shiva is made of cellulose, whose fibers are very strong and almost impossible to break. This is what ensures that, even after many years of usage, the frames do not lose their shape and structure, and you still get the same feel and quality as the first time you bought. The Shiva lens is unbreakable with its two layers of shock resistance and an additional two layers of scratch proof.

  • Perfectly Handcrafted - Made of fine cotton and quality wood, the material is subjected to a meticulous fifteen-stage process, becoming what is also known as bio acetate. This process ensures not only that the Shivas are super resistant to shock and scratches, but also that they can withstand extreme heat and weather condition.

  • Next generation polarized 9 layer Lenses - To provide the best possible experience, we brought to you these unique sustainable frames together with the New Generation of Polaroid lenses with 9 layers of protection (2 layers scratch-resistant, 2 layers shock-resistant, 4 layers of UV400 protection (maximum UV protection) and 1 main layer of polarization).They offer guaranteed maximum UV rays protection and are free of glare.

  • Water Resistance - Although it comes from cotton fibers and wood pulp, during the 15 stage process to the final version, it becomes waterproof, so you can wash it as many times as you want. It can be worn in the rain and storm without fear of the quality depreciating.

Here is the catch, we offer a 100% lifetime warranty on all the Shivas and will replace any pair with defects caused by materials and workmanship, so you'll only have to get a new pair if you lose yours out there in the world. The Shivas are built to last! 

We have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of The Shivas which has been a success until now, as the project surpasses 320% the initial $10000 goal required. We will be using the funds we get to increase production. We believe that by backing our Campaign on Kickstarter, supporting and sharing this good news on your various social media platforms, we’ll reach our funding goal in no time. Feel free to check our Campaign page HERE.

Our goal is to help change the world one pair of sunglasses at a time by changing from plastic and metal frames to eco-friendly materials - Rafael Dutra, CEO of Joplins

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May 21, 2022 — Rafael Dutra

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