wood sunglasses

Joplins is a Lisbon, Portugal based brand and started back in 2016 out of a feeling to make things different - promote protection, a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle and develop an eyewear eco-friendly business. Joplins vision would be to become a reference as an eco-friendly and sustainable brand and reach a pride of place as a motor of change.

wood sunglasses

With a team of young adults, from different parts of the world and different cultures that share the oh so simple goal of changing the world, one pair of sunglasses at a time! Want to join us? Send us a message with your feedback, we are always looking forward to improve!

wood sunglasses

It all started with a small production of bamboo sunglasses. Nowadays there are 4 different handmade collections (bamboo sunglasses, wooden sunglasses, bio acetate and wood sunglasses and Bio acetate sunglasses), counting with more than 25 different models of sunglasses for men and women.

bio acetate and wood sunglasses

To provide the best possible experience for you, the advanced lenses have double layers of scratch resistance and they are also designed to provide maximum clarity without any distortion and superior polarization which helps reduce harmful glares coming off flat surfaces such as water, ice, and snow.

wood sunglasses

You will wear stylish and eco-friendly sunglasses and also do more. With your order, a donation will take place to environmental projects around the world. For every order, you and us will plant 3 trees in countries such as Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Ethiopia, and remove 1kg of plastic from the oceans around Brazil and Indonesia through partnerships with the Plastic Bank and the Eden Reforestation Projects.

wood sunglasses

Plus, our designs are modern and trending to you and most people's expectations and desires, always innovating to have a slightly different look than what is already out there. Using these reliable materials, and with your support, we strive to create a brand of sunglasses recognized as top notch, green, sustainable, positive, and conscious!

Combining style + protection + versatility + sustainability.