We know sometimes can be hard to choose the best fitting pair of sunglasses for you. Here, we make available to you a short guide so you can understand what can look the best for your face shape.


Round face: If you have a more rounded chin and forehead, it is recommended to avoid rounded frames for the glasses. It is best to look for more angular or even oval frames, which help to sharpen the face.

Square face
: In this type of face, the forehead and chin are usually wider, and therefore the best choice is in sunglasses that are wider and that match the width of the face. 
Models of sunglasses that have the most rectangular lenses are the ideas for this type of format.

Triangular Face: This type of face gives the impression first that the lower part of the face is more evident, due to the thinner forehead and the most advanced jaw. For this type of face, more rounded lenses leave the face more harmonious.

Oval face
: The oval face is the dream of any lover of sunglasses, since this is the face that goes well with everything. With his forehead wider than the rest of his face, he resembles an egg with his head. In this case, it is best to play headlong and allow yourself to use any fabulous frame.