bio acetate, wooden and bamboo

frames that make a difference

1 joplins = 3 trees + 1kg of plastic

make an extra impact with us

quality, fashion and sustainability

we are joplins


JOPLINS® started out of a feeling to promote a fashion and sustainable lifestyle. We are an eco-friendly eyewear brand, namely wooden sunglasses, bamboo sunglasses and bio acetate sunglasses, built on three pillars: quality, fashion, and sustainability.

Our proposal is to deliver fashion-designed products and
make an environmental impact by changing from regular damaging metal and plastic frames to eco-friendly sustainable, resistant and biodegradable frames. We have developed unique fashion-designed handmade sunglasses produced from sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo and cotton fibers. 

1 Joplins = 3 trees + 1 Kg of plastic removed

make an extra impact

JOPLINS® does not only make eco-friendly sunglasses, but also donates part of its revenue to environmental projects. We partner up with Plastic Bank and Ecologi to prevent climate change together and for each order we plant 3 trees + remove 1kg of plastic from the oceans.

Our sunglasses are FAIR TRADE and count with FSC, CE and FDA Certifications.

Besides producing eco-friendly sunglasses, we also donate part of our revenue to environmental projects. For every site order we plant 3 trees AND remove 1kg of plastic from the oceans. 

Combining style + protection + versatility + sustainability. 

We are Joplins.