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Born to be green.

Joplins sunglasses

Whether it is a day in the mountain, in the beach, in the streets or just out with friends, you are not ready if you are not wearing the Joplins Sunglasses. Here you can buy wooden sunglasses to portray your look and personality and protect your vision. We at “Joplins Sunglasses” bring you an amazing collection of eco-friendly sunglasses that are lightweight, durable and resistant to humidity. You can also protect your vision from harmful UV rays and enhance your look with our bamboo frame sunglasses, wood frame sunglasses and vegetal acetate sunglasses. Explore each and every wood frame polarized sunglasses and choose the best one that suits your face shape. We offer wooden sunglasses, bamboo sunglasses and cotton and wood sunglasses for sale.

What our Customers Say

" I've had the amazing opportunity to come across Joplins here in Lisbon and meet the founder, Rafael - I was truly impressed to learn about the eco-friendly production behind, but also, about the vision of the company." - Product Hunt 

Patricia Imbarus - Portugal

"Besides beautiful, they are lightweight, resistant and sustainable!! My wife loved hers as well!" - Google Reviews

Octávio Fragata - Brazil

"These sunglasses should quickly make RayBans come out of fashion: Wearing the fastest growing plant on the planet on our faces should be an up and foremost trend this SS18. Thank you Joplins for your sustainable business and design. Keep up the great work!" - Product Hunt

Emily Lancaster Collinson - UK

"Loved my Joplins Jivan. Really lightweight!" - Google Reviews

Phil Reises - Austria

"I really like the good energy of the people working for this company. They seem to really love what they are doing."- Google Reviews

Ana Romão - Portugal

"Very stylish and authentic set of glasses. Have owned mine for a couple of years now and they still look brand new." - Google Reviews

Eduardo Lage - United States

"The polarization is great! Also, being a victim of drowned expensive sunglasses, I really like the fact that they float :)" - Product Hunt

Stephan Sax - Austria

"Ordered for France and it arrived really fast, in 5 days! Loved my choice, Joplins Shiva." - Google Reviews

Lauren Marrie - France

"2 days agoI saw these glasses whilst visiting Lisbon and subsequently lost my current glasses so emailed Joplin’s who were so helpful, identifying the glasses I had seen and liked and then sent them over to me in the UK. 
Brilliant!"- Google Reviews

Lucy James - UK