Plastics are the most toxic compound that the environment can be exposed to. Awareness about plastics choking our oceans, killing animal species, destroying our lands, and harming our living quality is spreading day by day. Now more than ever, we have a moral obligation to protect our environment. We don't even have to take extraordinary measures to do so. The small changes that we make in our lifestyle will give us zero inconveniences, but it will definitely contribute to safeguarding our surroundings. Industries all over the world have been developing eco-friendly products and are switching to sustainable development. One such product that you didn't think could be environment-friendly is sunglasses!

eco friendly sunglasses

Joplins is a fashion brand that is here to make your lifestyle healthy and sustainable by manufacturing eco friendly sunglasses. Here are some features of these sunglasses:

  • Natural And Organic Compounds - A plant-based chemical known as acetate is used as an alternative for plastics. Other elements used are cotton and bamboo. They are blended with recycled wood during the production of the frames. These components are biodegradable, which makes our sunglasses entirely environment-friendly.
  • Instant Trendsetter Look - The use of these natural components in the manufacturing of sunglasses does not affect the fashion style of the glasses; rather, it enhances the style quotient! Acetate has certain lustrous features that give the product a brand new shine. The glasses look classy, which adds a sophisticated yet alluring look to your outfit.
  • Top-Notch Quality - The label prioritizes the quality of its products, and thus the organic compounds used are of the highest quality, which makes the sunglasses a durable product. The sturdiness of the product does not make it a burden to wear, as the elements are light-weight and provide optimum comfort to the wearer. 
  • Different Styles And Shapes - The brand gives a myriad of styles, and shapes of the sunglasses to choose from. Every product can be molded and remodeled into different forms, which gives it a unique style, setting it apart from the other products. 

No other fashion brand can give you the same characteristics in eco friendly sunglasses as Joplins does. They aim to spread awareness about the degrading environment and promote a sustainable lifestyle among people. The excellent customer support and the facility of free worldwide shipment make it an ideal brand to shop from. It also produces stylish eco-friendly cases for your sunglasses. Surf their website today, and treat yourself with a brand new pair of sunglasses!

July 31, 2020 — Boodle WebMart

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