Wayfarers are one of the most iconic pair of sunglasses that you can wear to look stylish and classy! Being one of the most preferred sunglasses, a pair of wayfarers fits every face and makes everyone look stunning. While the style first emerged in the 1950s, wayfarers have become the most recognized style in the sunglasses industry.

The frames of Wayfarers are trapezoidal, which is created by using a moldable material, known as acetate. However, in recent times, you can spot most of your favorite celebrities in a pair of stylish wayfarers made from different materials and in trendy shades and colors. This style of sunglasses is loved by the majority, and therefore, they are in maximum demand nowadays.

How To Style Your Wayfarers?

When it comes to styling your wayfarers, you should pay attention to the small details so that you make the most out of your look. Wrongly pairing your sunglasses with your outfit can spoil your whole look. Below is a guide to let you know of all the possible styles that you can choose with your smart pair of wayfarers:

  • Suit: There is nothing wrong with pairing your wayfarers with a pair of suits, as the former enhances your look and makes you look better than the rest!
  • Smart Casual: Wondering which sunglasses to wear with your pair of polo-shirt and trousers? Well, wear a pair of bamboo wayfarer sunglasses, and you will be good to go!
  • Casual: A pair of wayfarers can never go wrong with a biker jacket, and therefore, teaming them with your casual look can make you look cool and relaxed!

While thinking of buying a pair of smart wayfarer sunglasses online, you need to check the website of Joplins. Being a brand solely dedicated to different styles of wayfarer sunglasses, you can choose from a range of different frames, shades, texture, etc. Some of the most loved styles offered by Joplins are the bamboo wayfarer sunglasses, wood frame sunglasses, and cotton and wood frame sunglasses. One of the differentiating factors about the brand is that it promotes a healthier and ecologically sustainable lifestyle. All the sunglasses come with a trifold cork case for proper protection of the sunglasses. Choose Joplins for going sustainable in fashion!

July 07, 2020 — Rafael Dutra

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