The world is changing, and with the transformation, our style should also change. With the summer upon us, let us take a step forward to make a choice in favor of our environment. How? By opting for bamboo frame sunglasses, one can reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining the cool factor.

Still in doubt? Here are some more reasons why your next choice should be bamboo wood sunglasses.


Common plastic frame sunglasses offer the same, repetitive designs that are sold to masses. With bamboo frame sunglasses, you get a personalized design of the frames. Not only that, as these sunglasses are handmade, your sunglasses will also always be unique in their own way. You can also have your initials carved on the wood of the frames. How cool is that?


Yes, we cannot stop stressing how important this factor is. The making of bamboo wood sunglasses requires fewer resources, decreasing the carbon footprint of the end product. They are also a better choice than usual wood-framed sunglasses as bamboo grows throughout the year. And if that is not enough cutting of carbon footprint for you, then you can opt for glasses that are made from recycled bamboo.

Bamboo Frame Sunglasses


Tired of the plastic bending after a little snap? Bamboo frame sunglasses are here for the rescue. These are built in a way that makes them more durable and stronger than others similar. Because of the new layering technique that is used to make these glasses, these cannot be broken easily. And if you are worried that the wood would spoil if exposed to the water or sunlight, then there is nothing to worry about. The special bleach coating made on these frames makes them resistant to getting beaten down by these elements. These are worth your every penny.

Style Statement

In a world where everyone is imitating every other person, it becomes hard to make a unique statement. But with bamboo wood sunglasses, you are sure to stand out in a crowd while sport the bare bamboo look. Find a pair of glasses that complement your complexion, and you are ready to slay.

The change calls now as nature is the new trend! If you want something that will make you steal the show, then bamboo wood glasses should be go-to.

July 04, 2020 — Rafael Dutra

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