A pair of fashionable sunglasses is an integral part of a wardrobe. They carry the power to transform your looks in an instant. But that’s not only what they are for.

The show-stopper sunglasses

Out of all the glasses available in the market, polarized wood sunglasses are stealing the limelight. People are making a beeline to grab a pair of these glasses. And it’s not just because they look awesomely stylish. Polarized lenses are much more than style.

They are an eye savior, literally.

You would have bought a nice pair of polarized shades to make a style statement. But you don’t realize you have done a great deed for your eyes.

What eye doctors say

According to ophthalmologists, polarized lenses block glare. It may seem a simple thing, but makes a huge difference in the health of your eyes in the long run.

When light falls upon an object, the waves of light travel horizontally, vertically, and at other angles. This creates glare and reflections. A polarized lens blocks horizontal and other angled waves. They allow only the vertical light waves to pass through.

This reduces glare.

One of the most striking features of polarized wood sunglasses is the appreciable reduction or almost the removal of glare.

The vertical filter present in polarized lenses beautifully blocks horizontal light waves. This gives you a clearer and crisper view, similar to a “touched up” Instagram picture.

It’s like seeing the world in a new light.

Excellent eye protection

According to doctors, this one benefit creates a powerful positive impact on the health of your eyes.

So, while you make a fashion statement with your intrinsically crafted pair of wooden sunglasses, you don’t realize how they are safeguarding your eyes!

This is not all.

Combating eye strain

Your beautiful pair of shades are not just protecting your eyes from glare; they are also reducing strain on eyes.

Continuous staring at glaring screens and regular exposure to bright lights can strain your eyes. You may suffer from eye irritation, redness, watery eyes, dry eyes, fatigue in eyes, and headaches. Over time, this may lead to complications like sunburn in the eyes and cataracts, if you ignore the symptoms.

Through the powerful feature of blocking the harsh brightness of light, polarized shades increase eye comfort and save them from complications.

Polarized wood sunglasses are great for:

  • Daytime driving
  • Water sports
  • Boating and fishing

A beauty investment

Do you know polarized shades are one of the smartest beauty investments for your eyes? The regular squirming of the eyes to avert the glare can lead to the formation of fine lines around the eyes.

No glare, no squirming.

This goes a long way in avoiding premature aging of eyes and maintaining their beauty.

So, if you have a pair of polarized shades with you, thank yourselves for this smart purchase. And if you don’t, wait no more.

Gift your eyes a pair of polarized wood sunglasses today. They don’t just look cool. They keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

Choose from a range of chic glasses featuring frames made of the finest wood, bamboo, and bio-acetate.

July 27, 2022 — Rafael Dutra

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