When shopping for sunglasses, there are many things to consider. Naturally, you want to look stylish while you protect your eyes. 

Yet, you also need to consider things like the material and color of the frames. However, the most critical decision needs to be about the lenses.

If you spend a great deal of time outdoors, polarized sunglasses are essential because they protect your eyes in many ways.

Let’s dig deeper.

Why You Should Buy Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses contain polarized lenses. 

Polarized lenses protect your eyes from glare and reflected light which helps to reduce eye strain. 

Some people confuse polarized lenses with UV lenses. They’re not the same. However, some brands like Joplins offer UV protection as a component of their polarized sunglasses range.

Take a look at this comparison table to learn the key difference between normal sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, and Joplins polarized sunglasses:


Regular UV Protection Sunglasses

Regular Polarized Sunglasses

Joplins Polarized Sunglasses

UVA/UVB Protection




Reduce eye strain


Here’s a closer look at what causes these annoyances and how our polarized lenses help.


polarized sunglasses reduce glare

When light, especially sunlight, bounces off reflective surfaces, it creates a glare so harsh it appears almost blinding. This can be dangerous even if you’re just out walking — the glare can hit you out of nowhere and blind you for a second. 

Polarized lenses are coated with a chemical film that filters out the light. This film allows some light to get through, but not all. Think of it like your blinds; you close them, and they block out the harsh sunlight but allow enough to get in so you can still see.

Polarized lenses do the same for your eyes.

In short, Joplins polarized sunglasses reduce glare.

UV Rays

There are two types of ultraviolet (UV) rays, and both can affect your eyes:

UVA: 95% of the UV rays that reach the Earth’s surface are classified as UVA. They don’t vary in intensity at all throughout the year. These rays can harm your macula, which is deep inside your eye. Ultimately, it can damage your central vision.

UVB: The more harmful UV rays are classified as UVB. They vary in intensity, especially during summer in the northern hemisphere. UVB rays can damage the tissue in your eye’s surface, around the cornea, and lens.

New research has suggested that excessive exposure to UV rays could lead to cataracts forming later in life.

Not all polarized lenses have that extra layer of UV protection. However, every Joplins polarized sunglasses lens contains two UV filters, offering 100% UV400 protection, the highest level possible.

are polarized sunglasses useful against UV rays? Some are

Eye Strain

Have you ever wondered why your eyes feel so tired when you come back inside, especially if you’ve been outdoors for a long time? You’ve probably been unconsciously squinting to eliminate the glare and reflection we just mentioned.

Excessive squinting can hasten the appearance of wrinkles, and nobody wants those too soon.

Joplins polarized sunglasses work. You get a glare-free experience with added protection from UV rays. 

With Joplins polarized sunglasses, your eyes will be even less inclined to squint, and you’ll feel more relaxed when you return inside.

Who Should Buy Polarized Sunglasses?

Anyone who enjoys being out in the sun needs polarized sunglasses. Whether relaxing on the beach, hitting the slopes, or reeling a fish on a lake, polarized lenses are for you.

Benefits for Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

Polarized sunglasses benefit many outdoor sports enthusiasts. As they reduce glare, they also darken images, making details more defined as contrast is boosted. 

So, people who love fishing will appreciate the ability to spot fish beneath the water’s surface. 

Similarly, those who enjoy snow sports will have reduced light bouncing off the snow, meaning they’ll have a safer time skiing downhill.

Golfers will love the ability to see further and not be distracted by the sun, regardless of its position in the sky.

Benefits for Drivers

Driving is easier on sunny days when glare isn’t a problem from objects in front of you: whether it be on the road or something off to the side. Without polarized sunglasses, you might be briefly blinded by one flash of glare, and that’s all it takes to make a riskier driving experience. 

Polarized lenses help reduce glare and should be a necessity for driving when the sun is out

How to Choose Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Frame Materials 

We all want to protect our world, so we should make savvy choices when buying sunglasses.

Plastic is a danger to the environment. Many companies use plastic in their frames, but there are more eco-friendly alternatives on the market.

Bamboo, wood, and bio acetate are excellent substitutes; they’re environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The Joplins range began with sustainable bamboo, and now we feature wood, bio-acetate, and a combination of the two in the frames of our polarized sunglasses.

Buying Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

You’ve learned the benefits of polarized lenses and how to choose your frame material eco-consciously. The final step is to match your sunglasses to your face.

Forget the round, heart, or triangle face theory, as nobody has faces shaped like that. Instead, work with these three concepts:

  • Face width
  • Face length
  • Facial features

  • Using a tape measure, measure across your face from temple to temple, then use this chart to determine which width of sunglasses is correct for you:

    Face Width


    4½–5 in


    5–5½ in


    5½–6 in

    Next, you want to determine your lens height, which needs to match your face length. 

    Measure from your hairline to the bottom of your chin and use this formula:

    If Length  >  Width x 1.5, you have a long face,

    So for example, if you have a face length of 8” and a width of 5”, you’d calculate 5 x 1.5. The answer is 7.5, and that means you have a long face.  

    Using this formula, you can match the best lens height for your face from this table:

    Lens Height


    < 1.4 in


    1.4–1.75 in


    > 1.75 in

    The final consideration is facial features. Don’t think of a round or a square face, but determine if there are more curves or angles. If you feel you’re more in the middle, you’re in luck; almost any style will suit you. 

    If not, go with the opposite to create symmetry with your face. This means:

    • Rounded features - wear-edged glasses
    • More angular features - go for rounder glasses

    If this is all getting too complicated, here’s a great fallback option. The 1950s introduced us to wayfarer sunglasses, which are as iconic today as ever. The reason is that wayfarers suit most face shapes and are an easy choice.

    polarized lenses work
    However, you should learn how to style your wayfarers so you can look your classiest at all times. Joplins has a range of classic stylish wayfarers, all with polarized lenses.

    Wear Polarized Sunglasses From Joplins

    Why should you buy polarized sunglasses from Joplins?

    For starters, our polarized sunglasses lenses!

    At Joplins, our polarized lenses have nine layers, and the internal one is a polarizing core covered by two layers of UV filters on each side. 

    Next, there are two layers of shock absorber, and the final layers are scratch resistant. These lenses protect your face from glare, haze, UV rays, and damage.

    the inside of Joplins polarized lenses


    Now you know why you need Joplins lenses, here are the other advantages of buying our sunglasses.

    We have a range of styles that suit everyone, from classic wayfarers to something more modern; there’s something for everyone.

    We care about the planet that we all share. Don’t forget that our frames are made from sustainable materials in place of plastic. 

    That’s not the end of our sustainability. We’ve decided to do more. For every order you place, with our partners Plastic Bank and Ecologi, we’ll plant three trees and clean up 1kg of trash from a beach.

    Our clients really appreciate our commitment to the environment. Here’s what Beatriz has to say:

    buy polarized glasses from Joplins and be as happy as beatriz

    With a pair of Joplins polarized sunglasses, you’ll not only protect your eyes but also look great and feel good about your contribution to climate change.

    January 13, 2023 — Rafael Dutra

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