This Valentine's Day, show your special someone how much you care about them AND our planet! Skip the roses and chocolates - these five eco-friendly gift ideas are sure to have Cupid singing a sweet love song. Show 'em some sustainable lovin' this valentines with an earth-conscious present that will warm their heart (and help save Mother Earth)!

5 eco-friendly gift ideas for valentine's day

SIENA & CO Swimwear: Ready to make a splash?  This swimwear company is looking to turn the tide and revolutionize summer fashion. Their beautifully designed pieces are created from high-quality fabric, ethically produced with REPREVE recycled nylon yarns in sunny Long Beach California. Now you can feel good about taking your look into the deep end - it's sustainable as well as stylish! Check out for more info on their eco-friendly fabrics.

Siena & Co Swimwear

8000KICKS Hemp Backpacks: They say that the best gifts come from 8000BC... and now with 8000Kicks's hemp backpacks, you can give your loved one an eco-friendly gift they'll never forget! Not only is this material practically indestructible (it's been around since ancient times), but it also improves soil health without needing any fertilizers or excessive water. Check out their Gift Card option so you can make sure to please even the pickiest of people - after all, who could mess up a present like this?

8000Kicks Backpacks

BAMOU Vegan Shoes
: Are you looking for the perfect shoe to take on life? Look no further! This stylish, yet versatile design is inspired by Swiss practicality and guaranteed to provide firmness during those daily steps – all while being cruelty-free. Plus, with a recycled tyre sole that offers quick agility combined with great shock absorption - break out your best moves without fear of straining achey feet afterwards! And the cherry on top: these shoes are made in Brazil where 95% of cotton production uses sustainable methods – making sure nothing stands between you and an awesome night dancing away.

Bamou vegan sneakers

JOPLINS Sunglasses: For an eco-friendly way to give your fashionable loved ones the protection they need in sunny weather, check out Joplins' new Gift Card option! Their handmade sunglasses are crafted from sustainable materials such as recycled and FSC certified reforested wood or cotton fibers. They use italian Mazzuchelli M49 for their new eco-friendly bio acetate frames and on top of that they plant 3 trees and remove 1kg of plastic for each order. Protect their eyes while protecting our earth.

Joplins Sunglasses

WAYZ Sneakers: Wayz Sneakers are here to help you take a step in the right direction - or two, with their ethically made kicks crafted from sustainably sourced materials. They're on a mission to encourage conscious consumption and give people an easy way of getting around life stylishly while doing good for planet Earth! Plus, they were cleverly designed in Portugal's vibrant city of Porto. So come join them as they strive toward creating more zestful lives one ethical sneaker at a time! They offer the option of a Gift Card, so you feel unsure of anything, just opt on that safe choice! 

Wayz Sneakers

This Valentine’s Day, show your loved one how much you care by going green with sustainable gifts that make the world a better place while showing them how much they mean to you! Whether it’s swimwear, backpacks, vegan shoes or eco sunglasses - there are plenty of eco-friendly options available that will make both hearts happy in this special date!

February 05, 2023 — Rafael Dutra

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