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The Enigmatic Allure of Wood Sunglasses: Sustainable Style Redefined with Joplins Sunglasses

As we're becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of our decisions on the environment, it's refreshing to see trends like wood sunglasses making waves in the fashion industry. Beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly, wood sunglasses are much more than a fashion statement – they embody a philosophy of sustainable living and a reconnection with nature.
June 14, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
 sustainable sunglasses

Why Sunglasses are a Must: The Essential Shield for Your Eyes

Ever stood under the scorching summer sun and felt your eyes sting? That's because your eyes, just like your skin, need protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunglasses, a stylish accessory turned necessity, come to the rescue here. 
June 08, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
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Sunglasses Care 101: Keeping Your Shades Shining Bright

Sunglasses are not just a fashionable accessory; they play a crucial role in protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays and reducing glare. To ensure your sunglasses serve you well for years to come, it's essential to give them the care and attention they deserve.
May 11, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
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Vegan Sunglasses: A Sustainable Choice for Your Eyewear Needs

Do you want to make a more sustainable choice when it comes to eyewear? If so, vegan sunglasses might be the perfect option for you. Vegan sunglasses are made from materials that do not involve any animal-derived products and are therefore considered ethical and sustainable. 
April 27, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
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The 5 Portuguese Sunglasses Brands for Sunny Days

As the summer of 2023 approaches, sunglasses are an essential accessory that everyone needs. They not only protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays but also add style and...
April 20, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
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Sunglasses as Prevention for Sore Eyes

Yes, wearing sunglasses can be a preventative measure to help reduce the risk of developing sore eyes. One of the leading causes of sore eyes is exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun. When we are exposed to these rays for extended periods, they can cause damage to the delicate tissues in our eyes and lead to symptoms like dryness, itching, and burning.
April 03, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
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5 Ways on How to Get Rid of Sore Eyes

Sore eyes, also known as dry eye syndrome, is a common condition that can cause discomfort, irritation, and even vision problems. It occurs when the eyes don't produce enough tears to keep them moist. There are several factors that can contribute to sore eyes, such as allergies, pollutants in the air, diabetes, aging, or computer use. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of sore eyes and prevent them from occurring in the future.
March 29, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
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The Benefits of Blue Light Glasses - What are you waiting for?

Blue light glasses are a collection of eyewear designed to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. These glasses feature lenses that filter out blue light, which is emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. Blue light is known to disrupt your circadian rhythm, which can lead to sleep disturbances, eye strain, and headaches.
March 07, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
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5 Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious

This Valentine's Day, show your special someone how much you care about them AND our planet! Skip the roses and chocolates - these five eco-friendly gift ideas are sure to have Cupid singing a sweet love song. Show 'em some sustainable lovin' this valentines with an earth-conscious present that will warm their heart (and help save Mother Earth)!
February 05, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
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Polarized Sunglasses: A Beginner’s Essential Buying Guide

When shopping for sunglasses, there are many things to consider. Naturally, you want to look stylish while you protect your eyes.  Yet, you also need to consider things like the...
January 13, 2023 — Rafael Dutra
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4 Undeniable Reasons to Choose Sustainable Sunglasses

As consumers, we’re all contributing to the problems our planet faces: greenhouse gas emissions are causing global warming, and the use of plastic is reaching astronomical highs. At Joplins, we...
December 27, 2022 — Rafael Dutra
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2244 trees planted + 37.455 of plastic bottles removed

Thank you, Obrigado, Danke, Gracias, Merci, Grazie, Arigato and to the other 62 countries that supported our #kickstarter campaign - With your support, #joplins has initiated the mangroove planting of 2244 trees and removal of 748 kg of plastic, the equivalent of 37.455 bottles from our oceans.
December 06, 2022 — Rafael Dutra