The market is changing. We have progressed from the plastics and other chemicals that potentially harm the world. They are now considered a thing in the past. Being green, being eco-friendly is now the new cool. And why now? With every product you buy, you can give some relief to Mother Earth. If such is your aim while looking for glasses as well, Joplins is here to help you out.

acetate frame sunglasses

Imagine a pair of glasses or spectacles that are not only stylish, vibrant with rich colors and comfortable, but also light-weight, durable, and even flexible. No, we are not talking about plastics. All these features, and some more, can be found in the eco-friendly acetate frame sunglasses.

Now, what is acetate, you might ask. Acetate is a plant-based plastic. That is, the basic structure of this plastic comes from plants. It has similar features to nylon. Light, durable, strong, and can be molded into any shape or design. The plant-based virtue of acetate is what makes it special. One can now enjoy all the benefits of plastic in their sunglasses with a touch of nature.

But that is not the only aspect of acetate frame sunglasses that make them better. You will get features that are detailed below if you opt for this beautiful amalgamation of nature, science, and fashion.

  • Light and comfortable: Being nylon-like in structure, the acetate compound is light, which it should be, after all, as it has to rest on your face for long hours. And we cannot afford you feeling the weight of those glasses, as one does in the case of metal glasses. These eco-friendly glasses feel feather-light on your face and are perfect for those who have to go the whole day wearing their glasses.

Also, the whole structure of glasses is molded at a time, giving you a comfortable nose bridge that does not leave any marks on your face.

  • Durable and strong: Acetate frame sunglasses can last you years without a scratch or a scrape of paint on their surface. With glass-wearers, sitting or sometimes stepping on their glasses is not uncommon. And the result is broken or off-kilter sunglasses. Acetate frame sunglasses can endure your rough handling and will be there for you, intact, for years.
  • Fashionable: What is the use of sunglasses if they do not make a statement with your outfit? Acetate sunglasses give off a rich shine because of their structure and color. It can be designed in unlimited forms and the colors never wear off.

So, the next time you are in search of some cool sunglasses, take an extra step and go eco-friendly by buying acetate frame sunglasses. And what better place to start other than Joplins?

June 15, 2020 — Rafael Dutra

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