About Us


 We have the vision to develop an eco-friendly business that would make an impact as a change of regular damaging metal and plastic sunglasses frames to eco-friendly sustainable, lightweight, resistant and biodegradable bamboo sunglasses.

 We want to create a brand to be recognized as green, sustainable, positive and mindful.

 Bamboo, when cut past on the 1st node, continues to grow normally. Bamboo is light and can withstand moisture, so it does not warp or rot when wet. And it FLOATS, being ideal for those who enjoy water sports. In addition, bamboo is also biodegradable.

 Our glasses feature the latest class of Polaroid lenses with 9 layers of protection (2 layers anti-scratch, 2 shock-absorbant, 4 layers of UV400 protection and 1 main layer of polarization). They offer guaranteed against UV rays and are free of glare. All of our lenses have a lifetime guarantee against breaking it.

 Using these reliable materials, we strive to create a brand of sunglasses that is recognized as green, sustainable, positive, and conscious! We aspire to radiate good vibrations through our product. \O/

 To get your pair of Joplins, you can use our online store here.

 We donate 5% of all profits to the Art of Living Foundation - an organization for which we are extremely grateful. We believe it can change the world by bringing peace and happiness to the present moment through simple techniques of breathing and meditation.

 Be Green. #WearEarth #Joplins #WearJoplins