We are no stranger to the harm plastic causes to our environment. These polymerized bags don't degenerate in the soil like other organic matter, causing the toxins in it to seep into the soil and stay for another million of year. New sustainable products are being manufactured to decrease the use of plastic. One such new product that has been advanced to turn into an environment-friendly product is sunglasses. Joplin is a major fashion style brand that manufactures such types of accessories for your eyes. Now, you must be wondering how sunglasses can be eco-friendly? Well, the main component, that is plastic, and plastic-derived elements are switched for a plant-based chemical called acetate.

eco- friendly sunglasses over plastic sunglasses

Why Should Acetate Be Used In The Making Of Sunglasses?

There are several understandable reasons why acetate should be used in this industry instead of plastics. Some of them are:

  • Size And Shape - Acetate has a similar chemical structure as plastics and parallel features as nylon. They are robust and have the fluidity to be molded into any shape or size. Joplin uses this magical element to produce acetate frame sunglasses for their customers.
  • Fashion Statement - The use of acetate does not compromise the fashion statement of the sunglasses. Acetate has a particular luster to its color that makes it look trendy and luxurious. This distinctive element also gives your frames a smooth and polished finish.
  • Comfort Is The Key - They are light-weight, so it is convenient for you to wear them for a more extended period. The convenience of these light-weight glasses does not, however, jeopardize the quality of the product. The compound is sturdy, durable, and can handle rough use.

These reasons make acetate an ideal element to use as a substitute for plastics. Why choose products that can damage our environment with their toxicity, when we can incorporate small changes in our lifestyle to adapt to a sustainable way of living? Apart from acetate frame sunglasses, the fashion brand also sells cotton, wood, and bamboo-based frame sunglasses. The Joplin Ganoa seems to be the best seller among the 9 available options for acetate and wood frame sunglasses.

This brand has an impeccable customer service that is available to you 24/7 to answer any queries. It has free worldwide express delivery services too! Check out their official page for some eco-friendly, trendy, and comfortable sunglasses to pair with all your outfits on sunny days and make a statement!

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